So you want to know who’s the person behind all these words?

My name is Marina, I live inĀ Tarragona, Spain; I was born on the 31st of March, 1996; and I’m currently studying an English Studies Degree at university.

Despite English not being my native language I’ve always found myself drawn to it, whether it was through books, movies, tv shows… And that put together with my thirst for stories, ideas, thoughts… Let’s just say I didn’t end up in this degree to become an English grammar teacher like it is expected from most of us.

Although I do read books insatiably, a big dream of mine has always been to reach the other side of that conversation and become an author myself. With many half-finished, abandoned projects behind me and a struggle to improve myself as a writer, I’m taking my time to get to that point but, for now, you get my thoughts on things I read, ideas I have and, who knows, maybe some original work of mine from time to time.